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The Long Road Home: A Modern Tale of Rediscovery and Faith

In early April, my husband underwent a routine ankle arthroscopy to remove bone fragments and debris, a seemingly straightforward procedure. Yet, the aftermath spiraled into an unexpected crisis that challenged and ultimately restored my faith.

The trouble began just hours after we returned home from the hospital. At 3 a.m., my husband suffered a severe nosebleed that refused to stop, prompting a rushed visit to the emergency room where they cauterized the bleeding vessel. It was a terrifying moment, shaking us both deeply, but it was only the beginning.

Over the next week, the nosebleeds continued intermittently, disrupting our lives and our peace. Each incident seemed to resolve only to recur, with the next few days spent in a blur of doctor's visits and emergency room trips. The source of the problem, we finally learned, was a sore in his nasal passage, a remnant of a recent sinus infection aggravated by his surgery.

The situation escalated when we traveled to Chicago for his work. Despite our precautions and the doctors' advice, the bleeding became unmanageable. One night, after a particularly severe episode, I found myself praying over him, more out of desperation than hope. My faith, shaken by past grief from the loss of my father under similar helpless circumstances, felt brittle—like I was going through the motions without truly believing.

As we battled through those dark days, I felt the old wounds of my past grief reopening, questioning the very essence of my beliefs. I was forced to confront my faith head-on—was I a believer only in times of convenience?

But it was during another visit to the ER, where a compassionate doctor finally managed to control the bleeding with a device called a Rhino Rocket, that I began to see a flicker of light. It was not just the cessation of his nosebleeds that brought relief, but the realization that amidst the fear and desperation, I had inadvertently laid bare my soul in prayer more sincerely than I had in years.

We returned home, the crisis behind us, but the journey of my faith was just beginning. The experience in Chicago, while harrowing, had unearthed a profound spiritual awakening. I was no longer the same person who had prayed mechanically; my prayers now had the weight of genuine conviction behind them.

It wasn't an overnight transformation, nor was it without its continued challenges. But as we attended church together on what we declared as "Victory Day," I realized that this ordeal had rekindled something within me—a real, conscious faith, not one borne out of blind obligation but of a deep, personal connection with my beliefs.

Through this modern-day trial, I learned that faith isn't just about asking for miracles when we need them most; it's about how we stand in the face of life's relentless challenges, how we hold on to hope even when it seems futile, and how we emerge stronger, ready to face whatever comes next with a heart full of belief and eyes wide open.

### Journey Back to Faith: A Modern Resilience Story

April 8 was supposed to be just another day. My husband underwent a straightforward ankle arthroscopy to remove some bone fragments, marking the beginning of what should have been a quick recovery. However, the very next day, at 3 a.m., he experienced a severe nosebleed that wouldn't stop, hurling us into an unforeseen medical ordeal.

Rushing to the emergency room, doctors cauterized the troublesome blood vessel. This incident set the tone for the following days, turning our lives into a sequence of unexpected challenges. After switching his prescribed blood thinner to baby aspirin, we hoped for stability, but the peace was short-lived. On April 14, during a church service, his nose began bleeding again, prompting yet another urgent visit to the ER. Their advice this time was brief: see an ENT specialist.

The ENT appointment on April 16 revealed the culprit: an anterior sore in his nose, likely a remnant of a recent sinus infection exacerbated by the nasal tube used during his surgery. This discovery began a tedious cycle of treatments and home remedies. Yet, even with precise care, the bleeding episodes continued each one testing my nerves and dwindling faith.

Our struggles escalated into a crisis when we traveled to Chicago for his work on April 17. Despite skipping the aspirin, he bled again early on April 18. In desperation, we visited the University of Chicago Medical Center, where they inserted a Rhino Rocket to apply pressure and stem the bleeding, offering a temporary fix but no lasting solution.

The next few days were a blur of worry and sleepless nights, culminating in another intense bleeding episode on April 19. We rushed to a suburban hospital, where a more effective treatment plan was finally implemented. This episode marked a significant turning point, not just in his physical health but in my spiritual journey.

This series of medical emergencies, culminating with the successful intervention on April 20, brought me to a stark realization about my faith. In past years, following the loss of my father in September 2020, I had struggled with my beliefs. His sudden passing had left me feeling abandoned by God, leading me to question the power and purpose of prayer. But facing this new crisis, I found myself engaging with my faith more authentically than I had in years.

On April 21, as we prepared to leave Chicago, I reflected on our tumultuous journey. It was not just about overcoming the physical ailment but also about confronting and reviving my faith. This ordeal reminded me that faith is not merely about expecting miracles but about finding strength and resilience in the most challenging times.

Now, more than ever, I am committed to nurturing this renewed faith, fully aware and appreciative of its profound impact on my life.

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