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Melodies of Healing: The Power of Music in Tough Times


Early Wednesday morning, as I was grappling with the aftermath of my husband's surgery and his ongoing severe nosebleeds, I found myself reaching out for something that could bring me some peace. My search brought me back to a playlist that my sister had put together a few years back during one of our family's toughest periods—when our father was gravely ill. It contained over 20 songs, curated to help us pray for healing and cope with the immense sadness of those days.

It had been over three years since I last listened to these songs. At the time, they had been the backdrop to some of the most intense prayers and deepest despair I ever felt, a time when it seemed like God wasn’t listening. But now, overwhelmed with worry about my husband, I found myself needing those songs again. At 4:00 AM on April 17, I realized I hadn’t actually deleted the playlist as I had thought.

Playing the music again, I used the same oil to anoint my husband that my father had used, which brought back a flood of memories. Those songs once played in hospital rooms, now filled our bedroom, unexpectedly moving me to tears. I realized these songs were not just a reminder of pain but also a source of strength and reassurance. They reminded me that, although the outcomes might feel fixed, our journey through these challenges can renew our faith.

That morning, as I prayed and listened, something within me shifted—a burden I had carried since September 19, 2020, began to lift. I see now that these challenging experiences, both past and present, are intertwined in a greater plan. They are reminders from God that we are never truly alone, even in our darkest moments.

As I continue to support my husband through his recovery, I find myself restored by the very playlist I thought I could never face again. It has helped me understand that our paths through trials matter as much as the outcomes. As we move forward, I ask for your prayers—not just for his physical recovery but for ongoing strength and healing for our spirits as well.

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