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jasmine delana.

Introducing Jasmine Delana, a captivating force in the world of brand and project management, digital marketing strategy, and content creation. She's more than just a professional; she's a passionate connector, bridging the gap between diverse generations and cultures while compelling businesses to expand their horizons through groundbreaking branding and digital marketing initiatives.⁣

Jasmine masterfully crafts a captivating public image for her clients while sharing her relatable life experiences through her engaging blog. Her work ignites your creativity and instills a profound sense of pride in your brand.⁣

With the launch of the Jasmine Delana blog in early 2019, she has cultivated a dedicated following of hundreds of readers nationwide. Her social media presence boasts thousands of friends and followers who eagerly connect with her daily, seeking inspiration and invaluable tips for enriching their everyday lives.⁣

But Jasmine's influence extends far beyond the digital realm. She is the visionary CEO of The Suite Life, a visual communication and digital marketing agency with a rapidly expanding global clientele of 300+ brands. Their comprehensive services encompass brand management, digital marketing, and cutting-edge graphic design. In a nutshell, she's a true creative visionary.⁣

Beyond her professional endeavors, Jasmine serves as the Executive Director of The Better Day Brand, a registered nonprofit organization with a mission to restore hope to those who have lost their way in life's journey. Headquartered in Dallas, with local hubs in Atlanta, Seattle, and Cleveland, the organization's profound impact is evident, having served over 500 meals to the homeless population in 2017.⁣

Jasmine's academic achievements are equally impressive. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from John Carroll University, where she graduated with a stellar 3.4 GPA. She furthered her educational journey with a Master of Business Administration specializing in Marketing and achieved a Graduate Project Management Certification from The University of Phoenix.⁣

In December 2023, Jasmine embarked on a new and thrilling chapter in her life, marrying her beloved husband, Jabari Johnson, in a beautiful wedding ceremony surrounded by loved ones. 

Even amidst her bustling professional life, Jasmine continues to find solace and escape by exploring the world with her adventurous friends, indulging in Netflix marathons with a bowl of popcorn, and immersing herself in the captivating pages of a good book.⁣


Welcome to Jasmine's vibrant life, and don't hesitate to Say Hello!

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