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jasmine delana.

Jasmine Delana is a brand & project manager, digital marketing strategist, and blogger who connects a community spanning multiple generations and cultures; and challenges businesses to expand their sphere of influence through branding and digital marketing initiatives.⁣

Jasmine develops a public face for her clients while relating everyday experiences to her following via her blog.⁣

Her work inspires you to push the limits of creativity and take pride in your brand. ⁣

Her life encourages you to revisit familiar happenings while examining them through a different lens. The Jasmine Delana blog, launched in early 2019, has an audience of several hundred readers from across the nation. Her social media following encompasses thousands of friends and followers who connect with her daily to discover inspiration and tips for daily living.⁣

The Suite Life is visual communication and digital marketing agency with an exponentially increasing clientele currently serving 300+ brands worldwide. Services include brand management, digital marketing, and graphic design. In short, she's a creative.⁣

Jasmine serves as Executive Director & CEO of The Better Day Brand, a registered nonprofit organization with aspirations to distribute hope to those who have lost that very thing along their life's journey;⁣

  • Headquartered in Dallas with local hubs in Atlanta, Seattle, and Cleveland⁣

  • Over 500 meals served to the homeless population in 2017⁣.

She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from John Carroll University in University Heights, Ohio, graduating with a 3.4 GPA, a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, and a Graduate Project Management Certification from The University of Phoenix.


She escapes everything by traveling the world with her friends, watching Netflix with a bowl of popcorn, and blocking out the noise of the day with her nose in a book.⁣

Welcome to her life, and Say Hello!

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